G. E. Lowman and Twin Food Stores

When Sanitary Grocery Stores of Washington, D.C., decided to spin off their chain of food markets in the Baltimore-Washington region in the late 1930s, the Washington outlets became part of Safeway and the Baltimore area stores were acquired by G. E. Lowman. He renamed them Twin Food Stores after his first grandchildren, twin girls born to daughter Ruth in 1937. The stores were converted to modern-style supermarkets, among the first in Baltimore to introduce the concept. Also offered was shop-by-phone service, with home delivery of the customers' grocery orders by truck — years ahead of its time. In addition to the Twin Food Stores in Baltimore, other locations included Arbutus, Catonsville, and Towson.

G.E. Lowman's sons Elmer (left) and Vernon,
at the Twin Food Stores in Catonsville, Md.

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