Virgil Fox    Virgil Fox —  NEW! Biography by David Snyder. A second printing of this book is planned for May 2021. Last year's first printing quickly sold out. If you've been disappointed by other books of dubious accuracy about the famous organist, click here and we'll reply with ordering information to reserve a copy.

John Walker    John Walker, concert organist   —   Our Sacred Classics program featuring his music and interview

Gordon Turk    Gordon Turk   —   concert organist and recording artist. Also, our interview with Dr. Turk in August, 2001.

Douglas Major    Douglas Major, concert organist/ composer   —   Our webpage, featuring his biography and CD's

Dick Leibert at the Radio City Music Hall organ    Dick Leibert —    famed Radio City Music Hall (New York City) organist, 1932-1971

Berlin Cathedral    Berlin Cathedral —   photos and post-war restoration, with CD's by organist Andreas Sieling

Rev. G. E. Lowman    Rev. G. E. Lowman —    famed radio evangelist of the 1930s–1960s

News article 6/28/12   "With New Pipes, a Great Organ Becomes Even Greater" —   Our organ donation news article, June 28, 2012

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