"SACRED CLASSICS", a weekly two-hour radio broadcast of choral masterpieces and magnificent pipe organ music originates on award-winning Spirit FM90.5 (WBVM) and WBVM HD2 (The Lite) in Tampa, Florida, USA. Streamed on the Internet three times each weekend in high=fidelity stereo, listeners worldwide can enjoy performances by renowned choirs and organists, along with interesting commentary by host Jim Howes.

View Program descriptions. To listen online, click on your preferred player during the times listed; Eastern Daylight (UTC-4) and Pacific times shown:

Spirit FM90.5 (WBVM)
Sundays:   6 am –   8 am    
WBVM HD2 The Lite   
Saturdays:   6 pm – 8 pm (3 pm Pacific)  
Sundays:   10 pm – 12 midnight  (7 pm Pacific)

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